At The Fish Works we are dedicated to ensuring we are continually thinking of the environment and how our actions impact locally and globally. We are committed to minimising the impact of our busi-ness and here are some of the ways we are helping to safeguard our environment.


Since beginning trading we have always used biodegradable packaging and paper bags, as of 2018 we changed from our plastic forks to wooden forks and also stopped supplying plastic straws. We have introduced a system where customers can bring back their single use plastics and they can be refilled at a lower cost. Our takeaway menus are also made of recycled paper. This allows us to use materials that break down and don’t pollute our earth. Our packaging can be recycled or composted instead meaning no waste to landfill and no ocean plastics. Plants are used to manufacture our packaging instead of oil and we are reducing our carbon footprint.

The Fish Works Shop

Our shop is extremely green and this is something we are really proud of when designing the shop. We wanted to ensure it was as green and as environmentally friendly as possible. We used recycled pallet wood for the menu and interior wall. LED lighting was used throughout the shop. The floor in our small seating area is made up of pennies and the furniture is up cycled vintage furniture combined with pallet wood.

We had a Peel Tech system installed which triple filters the peelings from our potatoes while being rumbled to ensure that no nasty starch micro particles are able to go down the drain and contaminate our local water system. The peel tech system also allows us to used less water in the peeling and chipping process as there is no need to waste water flushing nasty particles down the drain.

Our frying range allows us to use less gas than traditional frying ranges as it uses high efficiency pans to ensure the heat is recycled within the frying range. Kiremko frying pans are independently tested and certified for efficiency levels of 87-94% the highest on the market.

The OES (Oil Efficiency System) protects and prolongs the quality of the oil reducing wastage by up to 50%. This means we can triple filter oil at any moment of usage removing micro particles from the oil which may affect the cooking process this ensures we keep a clean oil policy and reduce our oil waste. Our oil quality is tested using the Testo Oil Tester to give us accurate control over oil usage influencing continuity in texture and taste and the over all product avoiding over use of oil or premature disposal of oil. Once we have oil which is not deemed high enough quality  for use we have it collected be Apple Oils where it is reused to make bio fuel.

Our food

Where possible we always try to source our food locally, our langoustine is landed right on Largs Pier by local Fisherman Ian Wightman. Our haddock is landed and hand filleted at Peterhead by Coupers Seafoods Ltd who proudly support responsible fishing and and strives to produce MSC accredited haddock. We use sustainability sourced fish where possible and encourage our customers to eat fish that are in season by offering daily specials such as squat lobster and hake. Our chicken, haggis and black pudding comes from local butcher Paton’s of Largs. All out food is cooked to order therefore we reduce the level of food waste. We also have fresh fish delivered daily again reducing the need to over order and create unnecessary food waste.

Local community

We are lucky to have such a supportive local community and in turn we aim to continually support our community and groups. We currently sponsor the junior football team Largs Colts 2010. We support our local RNLI and take part in the RNLI fish supper weekend were we donate 10% of all fish and chip sales to Largs RNLI. We support the Fisherman’s Mission and Children’s DIPG cancer charity. We support local groups by offering discounts for large group orders and providing vouchers for raffle prices. I February 2018 The Fish Works team held a charity supper night were all staff worked for free to raise £2245 for The Nancy Glen Fund.

Local Beach Cleans and seagull control

As part of our commitment locally we are proud to take part in cleaning up the beach and promenade. The team regularly pick up littered waste and carefully recycle it. During busy days we help collect overflowing rubbish from The Promenade bins. We encourage our customers not to feed the local  seagulls as they are becoming aggressive and big pests. Team members can be seen flying a Hawk kite on busy days to deter the local seagulls.

The Team

The Fish Works team are dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint also and as many of the team are local we walk to work or take public transport. We use fair trade product during our breaks and even our tea is from the ethical tea partnership and from rainforest alliance certified farms.