As we know contamination of gluten-free foods with gluten containing foods needs to be avoided by people with Coeliac disease because even a tiny amount of gluten may cause symptoms and gut damage. It’s essential that care is taken to avoid contamination with gluten-containing food that may be prepared in the same area as gluten free food.

We have a separate gluten free pan that allows us to cook fresh made to order fish and chips without the contamination of others gluten-containing products. This oil is not used to cook gluten-containing foods the oil is not filtered with oil containing gluten contaminants. Our chips are cooked separately from all other food products and not cooked with any gluten-containing products. We use separate colour coded utensils to avoid contamination and our gluten free batter is kept in a sealed labelled container separate from our gluten-containing batter. We also have a certified member of staff trained by Coeliac UK to train other staff member and monitor our gluten free policies to keep them up to date and efficient.

We use a gluten free batter and can batter haddock, cod, smoked haddock, squid, langoustine scampi, king prawns, whole langoustine, chicken breast strips and onion rings. Our homemade mushy peas and homemade tartar sauce are gluten free and we use gluten free vinegar. Therefore you can enjoy fish and chips gluten free.


Although we use a separate gluten free pan, separate utensils and work to stringent guidelines recommended by Coeliac UK. We work in a busy environment in which batter flour containing gluten is used there may be traces in the air along with small traces of batter in an around the frying range and due to the fact some of our products are delivered via a third party or produced in a factory. Therefore we cannot guarantee that our gluten free products are 100% gluten free but endeavour to do everything possible to ensure there is no cross contamination during the cooking or serving process.